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Special Events

Special Events are the closest thing to an emergency without actually having one. Special Events are planned events for which we, as Amateur Radio operators, provide communications. These events may take the form of foot races, walk-a-thons, bike races, bike-a-thons and the like. They allow us to practice our communications skills and exercise the equipment we might use in an actual emergency. In most cases, events are fairly mundane with only a need for logistics communications, but every so often, there is an actual emergency encountered during an event. We not only provide a valuable public service during these events, but it is also good publicity for the Amateur Radio Service. Besides, they are just fun to do and don’t take very long (along with getting a T shirt and being fed well)!  Below is a list of upcoming special events. If you are able to help with any or all of these events, please e-mail or call the communictaions coordinator for the listed event. Thank You!