About Us

Established in 1914 and affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) since 1930, the Portland Amateur Wireless Association has the distinction of being the oldest amateur radio club in Maine as well as having been ARRL affiliated longer than any amateur radio club in Maine.

The PAWA is a general interest amateur radio club, Our members are active in the many aspects of amateur radio ranging from local VHF and UHF communications, long-range regional, national and international communications via HF, to some more exotic modes of communications such as satellite, meteor scatter, moon bounce and auroral communications. Many of the amateur radio modes are used such as CW (morse code), voice and data communications.

The PAWA is also an ARRL Special Service Club. A designation of Special Service Club is given to those amateur radio clubs that go above and beyond what the average amateri radio club does in the areas of new ham development and training, public relations, emergency communcations, technical advancement, operating activites, and other activities that an average amateur radio club does not do.

The PAWA consists of its membership, a board of directors consisting of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, chief operator and two members at large. The board of directors are elected for a two year term. Several committees are also appointed to oversee the functions of the club.

The PAWA offers many services to its members and the community.

Member services include:

-A monthly newsletter

-Voting rights at meetings

-The right to hold office and serve on committees

-The annual ham of the year award

-Use of the PAWA club station (W1KVI)

– Free admission to all PAWA functions

-Free calendar year membership to all newly licensed hams

For the amateur radio community, the PAWA offers:

-Amateur radio exams

-An “Elmer’s Bureau” (Mentoring)

-Annual operating events such as field day

To the community, the PAWA provides:

-Communications for many community events in the southern maine area.

Membership, meetings and operating activites are open to anyone who is interested in radio communications.